Saturday, August 4, 2012

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Here at Restoration World Review, we look at the interesting history behind the coolest cars on the planet. We ask the hard questions, and we explore beater cars that you can fix up in your garage on a limited budget.

I personally can't afford a huge outlay of cash for a project. I usually dive in after initially spending 2,500 to 3,000 bucks - then go from there.

So, that's where we will start here. I also enjoy the history behind certain cars - especially the automobiles that changed our perception of what a car should be.

And, as most of our readers know, we depend on Joy Osmanski to rate our beater-to-awesome rides. Will the potential project be cool enough for Joy to go for a ride in? 

Joy is an Academy Award-winning actress, a former NASA engineer and the CEO of Isuzu. When an opinion is needed on styling, Lamborghini has her on speed-dial. Joy is certainly qualified to judge our projects.

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10. MGB GT

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