Saturday, June 30, 2012

Our Next Project Car 

Has Been Selected

Restoration World Review #11

Joy Osmanski was not happy at all about our last choice of project car - the MGB. 

After that debacle, Joy threatened to use our skin as a new lampshade...after skipping rope with our lower intestines.

So we did the smart thing. We let her choose the next project car.

Seriously, look at her, she might know all that kung-fu shit....

World Restoration Review

We are proud to have Joy here at Restoration World Review, where she rates our potential beaters and fix-them-up project cars. 

Angels cry when she wakes up in the morning, due to her awesomeness. The weather is dependent solely on Joy's mood. So, the question is....will your project car be cool enough for Joy to go for a ride in when it's done?

We let Joy choose our next Restoration World Review beater. And she picked something rather unexpected. 

The 1969 Ford Mustang GT.

Joy had this to say:

"The last car - that crappy MGB - was so lame I threw up in the back of my mouth just looking at it. Seriously, I'd rather touch a donkey inappropriately than be seen in that pile of junk. So, I chose something super cool. The '69 Mustang is so awesome and manly, I grew side-burns, a penis and a mustache just getting near it!"

As always, Joy has a unique gift for expressing herself.

Stay tuned for the 
Mustang review

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