Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Restoration World Review #12

Joy is getting impatient...

After the last episode concerning the MBG GT, Joy Osmanski demanded to pick the next beater for restoration.

"I want a car that eats children and burns down villages. I want a car so awesome that its horn can open the gates of heaven. I want a car that wraps its dick around your neck and starts you like a lawnmower. I want a 1969 Boss 'Stang. And it better be a cool one or I'm going to go absolutely mental and feed everyone into a wood-chipper."

As always, Joy has a gift for words.

But what she is asking isn't as easy as she thinks. Below is what I started with on my last project.

And here is the result a year later. A lot of searching, sweat and aggravation, but worth it.

Restorations, done correctly, are a long, time-consuming process that requires dedication and attention to detail, plus a lot more research than one would imagine.

Long story short, Joy thinks that this.....

Magically comes from this.....


Umm...no. It doesn't quite work that way.

We are going to do this one right. Previously, I only had access to a 1969 Mustang under restoration that came with the straight-six, and had undergone the knife too many times to count. 

That's just not going to do.

So, I have a little surprise for Joy. I met a guy that specializes in restoring numbers-matching Boss Mustang 429's from the first batch of 270 made. 

If that doesn't give you a boner, I don't know what will. Plus, he's looking to turn his hobby into a business, and could use the publicity. Win-win.

Stay Tuned.....

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