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Poison Well
by Sean Daniel Shortwinter

Christine Taylor

In 1971, Christine Taylor had an exciting career as a CIA analyst, and an utterly perfect fiance.

But then her international flight went down and she died.

Then things got...interesting.

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After her death, Christine joined the Joint Human Analysis Directorate in Heaven. JHAD, thought up by ex-FBI agent Harry Moss, tracks murderers across Earth in service to God. 

Over the next forty years Christine became very good at her job, but her heart grew cold and indifferent in the process.

When a terrorist with connections to the dark side bombs a pair of buses filled with children in Washington D.C., Christine is reassigned to Earth. 

Her mission? To protect the daughter of the now-dead bomber. 

There are certain prisoners in Hell that committed atrocities in their lifetime. They are labeled Beyond-Salvage and sent to a special, dark place called the Oubliette. 

And they want out. 

The terrorist's child may just be the key to accomplishing that goal.

The dark side also has a gruesome plan unfolding on Earth. To muddy the waters, a scheme has been implemented to release a long-forgotten plague that hasn't been seen since the Middle Ages.

They want to watch the world burn.

Of course, that's how it seems. But everyone has their own agenda - even King Brian the Hated, de facto ruler of the Oubliette.

Christine and her team face the most difficult challenge they could imagine. They must stop an ancient plague right at the source, then go into Hell and rescue the child....something that's never been done before.

Sound difficult? Err...not so much.

Those niggly little things are far outweighed by the weightiest, most demanding challenge Christine has ever faced.


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