Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wow...two more books have been released

 Sonofagun. I have been so busy writing that I have completely ignored this blog. But the newly released books in my John Gladstone series are pretty good, even if I do say so myself.

So I went ahead and invented my own genre - Zombie Crime.

Sound silly? Well, I wanted to write about what it would be like to restart society if you were basically starting from scratch. It turns out to be a pretty big deal in Zombie Hillbillies.

John Gladstone, the hero from Zombie Pied Piper, has to face off against the Aryan Nation. They want an 'all white' society, and are willing to kill to get their point across.

Then, in Zombie Paradise, John has to deal with two serious issues. First, there are 75 million infected people piling onto the barrier that protects the state of Florida.

So they come up with the Macchina di Morti - a sort of giant bucket-wheel excavator that will feed the infected into a commercial incinerator. But the Machine of Death has to be built from scratch.

John also has to put away a violent IRA splinter group that not only threaten his community, but his family and friends, as well.

If you have read these books, please leave a review.

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Aussiefox said...

Really enjoyed all 5 of your ZOMBIE books, big Zombie book fan , and liked the military tech you have bought to your novels. Also liked your first 3 covers and would like to see books 4 & 5 get the same treatment. Also noticed that 4&5 don't show up with the other 3, as it looks like a change was made to how you listed yourself as author , when i put "s daniel shortwinter" i get first 3 , and if i wasn't really really hoping you had done more i would have left it there , started searching outside of amazon and saw you had to more , and went back and searched by the title zombie revolution and found the 4&5 books. Are you looking at adding any more ? Love your writing , thanks.