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The Amazing Life Of 
Joy Osmanski 
A circus acrobat, an Oscar-winning 
actress and holder of a Nobel 
Peace Prize in science....

Joy Unveils 
Her New Book

Inspired Writing

Build A Jet Engine In Your Garage

"It's fun, it's easy...and anyone can do it!" - New York Times

Academy-award winning actress, 
NASA engineer and car reviewer 
steals the show with her
latest bestseller

Joy Osmanski

There was a time, long ago, when the world didn't have the likes of Joy Osmanski. And those were dark days, indeed. We all know, now of course, how awesomely awesome Joy is. Unicorns cry rainbow tears at the mere mention of her name.

Joy floated over from South Korea - alone, at age four - in a craft made entirely of banana leaves, and has been stunning the American and European science community ever since.

But first, Joy had a few wild oats to she joined the circus.

Joy started life in America as an acrobat and fire-eater with Barnum Bailey...and soon became their top draw. Then the opportunity of a lifetime arrived in the form of a full scholarship to MIT. 

Joy left the circus for college at age nine, and excelled beyond her professors wildest expectations. Her first publication was released soon afterward.

Thermodynamics for the average person!

In her first book, Boundary Layers Explained, Joy expanded on how she'd solved the problems of laminar flow over jet fighter wings and how it was preventing modern aircraft from reaching Mach 1 due to compression friction. 


The scientific community, stunned by her foresight and diligence, awarded her with the Nobel Peace Price at the tender age of twelve. Joy was moving up in the world....but she wasn't done quite yet.

NASA, of course, noticed this young prodigy and snatched her up quickly. 

Joy, working in conjunction with NASA and the CIA, designed the Corona Keyhole KH-11 spy satellite so the NRO could analyze Soviet troop and tank movements. She became a legend in the design bureaus...but soon became bored.

Corona Keyhole

Joy penned the Space Shuttle in her spare time, and took on designing new aircraft for Saab. Joy introduced a brand new concept concerning fighter design - the ingenious double-delta - which cuts down the exposed frontal area tremendously. 

The Grippen, Viggen and Draken all employ this radical departure from convention.

Saab Viggen 

Then Joy took on the helm of Isuzu, causing the up-start company to be a world-leader in car production....which led to another bestselling book.

Once again, though, Joy became bored, travelling to Hollywood to try her hand at acting. Joy, as with everything else she touched, was pure gold. 

Seventeen Academy-award nominations over a period of eight years has led to four awards for Best Actress, and three for Best Supporting Actress.

Then Joy returned to her roots with yet another bestseller that stayed on the New York Times charts for 131 straight weeks.

Joy has a deep interest in used, second-hand missile launch systems, turning that love into a thriving business that anyone can enjoy. Pick up a copy today.

Here at Inspired Writing, we had a chance to look at Joy's new book, Build A Jet Engine In Your Garage.

We were impressed by her knowledge of compressor design, and her ability to teach the average person how to construct a working jet engine using nothing but kitchen utensils.

All of the basics of jet engines are covered, from fuel delivery, shroud protection....even an optional afterburner. 

And the owners of the Lear and other business jets are in luck, because you never have to hire an another mechanic to service your business jet again. 

We highly recommend this book.

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