Monday, September 3, 2012

Dead at age 54
Rest in peace, buddy

There are certain actors that I will watch no matter what they're starring in. 

Duncan was one of those actors, and the world lost a little bit of it's luster today after his passing.

Duncan has been fighting for his life since suffering from a heart attack on July 13th...but that battle is over now, sadly.

I will always remember him for the antics in Armageddon, and the heart-felt portrayal of the deeply wounded, soft-spoken John Coffey in The Green Mile

First Tony this. I don't like it. Not one bit.

We lost a titan, in statue and in heart - and a guy with a lot left to give. Michael Clarke Duncan was one of the good guys, coming up as a bodyguard for big stars while struggling to get parts. 

On the set of Armageddon, Duncan became friends with Bruce Willis, and from there his career soared. The two paired up again in The Whole Nine Yards, probably the only Mathew Perry comedy that didn't suck balls.

Now it's over...dammit.

And like Tony Scott, I wish he was still around. Both men still had a lot to do.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Michael Clarke Duncan's loved ones. 

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