Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tony Scott ends his own life....

Tony Scott - Dead At Age 68

I'm at a loss...
Tony Scott, the veteran director of many wonderful, thought-provoking films committed suicide today by jumping from the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro.

I feel terrible about this, and I'm at a loss. I picked on Tony Scott quite a bit, but the fact was he's my favorite film director. 

I mean sure, his brother Ridley is good...but Tony. Shit, the guy knew his onions when it came to movie-making.

Two of his movies are reviewed here in Film Cemetery - Spygame and Deja vu. To be honest, I loved both of those films...and I enjoyed watching Scott improve his craft from film to film.

Quite frankly, the man made some of of my all-time favorite flicks. From Top Gun and Days of Thunder to The Last Boy Scout and True Romance

Son of a bitch, I grew up on his films.

He's worked with every big name, tackled the toughest scripts and made cinema history. He and his brother would collaborate to shoot in the harshest locations, just to get that extra bit of magic. And Tony Scott's camera work was second-to-none.

I have no idea what would drive such an accomplished man to take his own life, but my prayers go out to his family.

I am sure that over the next two weeks or so, the rumor mill will be running full blast - and many people will have a lot to say.

So I want to pay my respects now.... 

Tony, I've been following your career since 1986, and you did great work. I'm sorry you're gone. 

I hope you found peace, but I wish you'd stuck around. 

This hurts a lot, and I never even met you.

Tony Scott 
June 21st, 1944 - August 19th, 2012


lebeau said...

holy shit. Lousy way to start the week. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

Reading your heartfelt tribute it's obvious Tony Scott and his work meant to a lot you.
If it's any comfort, Tony's sad death and his life's work are getting plenty of coverage and respect over here in England today.

Rest In Peace Tony.