Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Feedback is 
needed....from you
I'd like to hear 
from my readers...

I admit it, okay? 

I have no earthly idea what I'm doing. I started this blog with one intention - to write about things that interested me.

Then I decided to set boundaries for my posts. You know, stick to a format. And things have gone swimmingly - the readership is growing daily by leaps and bounds.

But nobody is giving me feedback on anything they'd like to see. 

I'm sorta firing in the dark here, because no one is writing in and telling me 'I'd like more of this and less of that' or vice-versa. 

Let me give you an example...the post about Batman's Tumbler? Easily four times as popular as anything else on here. Why? The Tumbler has been around for seven years, and written about countless times. What the hell did I say that was new?

So please...comment. Give me a heads up on what you guys want more of, less of....or even brand new ideas.

If you live in the UK, write in and tell me what you'd like to see concerning cars. I love making fun of English automobiles. I mean, the whole world knows you guys never made a car with a working electrical system. Embrace that!

And as for the nice person that visits daily from Mountain View...thanks for your support.

Appreciate it. Sean.

UPDATE: Some wonderful people have sent me some encouraging emails, and I thank them for that. But nobody has offered suggestions on what they'd like to see on this site. More cars? Less cars? More movies that bombed? Write in and tell me on the comments section.

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