Saturday, June 16, 2012

Men In Black 3

Movie Review

The writing lacks effort....and it shows big time here

I am not going to spend a lot of energy describing MIB 3 to you today, mainly because the screenwriters, producers, the director, and the actors (except James Brolin) didn't expend any energy making this sequel enjoyable.

Why should I bother? They certainly didn't.

Seriously, folks, a lot of time has passed since the first MIB flick, and this bunch really could have put something better together for the movie going audience. I heard they stopped production at one point because the script sucked, and it shows....the dialogue is stilted and extremely unoriginal, the actors don't spark and the plot has been done before many times - and better, to boot.

Josh Brolin is the only thing holding this film together, and I feel kinda sorry for him. Why? Because an actor of his caliber deserves better, that's why.

He doesn't strike me as the type to show up, collect a check and chew scenery. Brolin has always given me the impression that he's there to work and do his best.

The same, I think, cannot be said for anyone else working on this movie...with perhaps the exception of Jermain Clement and Alice Eve.

I also heard that the studio wasn't really interested in having Barry Sonnenfeld come back to direct, but I don't think that's the real problem here.

I believe the writers let us down in this case, badly.

I wanted to love this movie, like I did the first one. Instead, I just feel a little sad and empty.

What were they thinking? Where did the budget go?

I need Hollywood to stop destroying franchises that I like in order to show a profit. I need them to be original again, or at least make an effort.

What did you think of MIB III?

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