Wednesday, May 9, 2012

21 Jump Street 

New Movie Release

Channing Tatum is eye-watering 
funny...who knew?

I gotta say, I really like it when a movie exceeds my expectations. 

It's always such a pleasant and welcome surprise. 

I am also very happy to see Jonah Hill on top of his game again. I remember his first appearance in 40-Year-Old Virgin, one of my all time favorite movies. 

Then he did Superbad and Knocked Up, hitting two homers out of the park. Then he starred in Get Him to the Greek (okay) and Moneyball. (boring)

The Sitter is also reviewed on this blog, which I found not only to be very unfunny, but offensive as well. You never mix children and drugs in my book. Ever.

That's why I'm glad he's firing on all cylinders again, especially after that failed cartoon. 

Hill has unbelievable talent, which shines through in 21 Jump Street...and not just his acting, but his script writing, too. 

This is one of those rare films that is laugh-out-loud funny. 

The type where it is actually dangerous to eat popcorn or enjoy a soda, lest you choke. 

Channing Tatum has the best lines, and delivers with aplomb, and it seemed to me that Hill was nearly his straight man. 

Which works well when done right, of course.

Tatum and Hill play undercover cops that get a second shot at their shortcomings in high school. They are trying to track down the supplier behind a new drug that kills kids. Does this plot surprise you? And does it make any difference? Not reall.

You see a film like this to laugh. At the awkward situations, the scenery-chewing and the dick jokes. That's it.

The only complaint I really have is Johnny Depp's cameo, which really didn't work for me. 

It kinda detracted  from the movie, and seemed, not only out of place, but rather far-fetched. 

And I'm a huge Depp fan, so it's not that....the entire scene felt contrived, overacted, and shoved in at the last moment.

Other than that, the funniest bit in 21 Jump Street was something I could really appreciate: The chase scene where cars and trucks don't blow up. 

Personally, I'm tired of action movies thinking that I need bigger and bigger explosions...I don't. 

Since 2008, it seems, the action genre has gone absolutely mental with the go-boom budget.

I don't want more go-boom...I need more of the great dialogue and heart like this film has in spades.

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